Question: I have always had struggles with insomnia. It first started in high school where I would go to bed after 3 and wake up at 6 and take a mid day nap and start the cycle all over again.
Once I got to college the problem escalated as I had to pull overnighters to get projects done, as a video student it happened frequently. After working at class all day and working all night on projects, I would have to function all day again in class and then go home and pass out.I now work overnights at my job, I get home around 8 or 9 and I sleep until noon or one.. or at least I was.. Now I only sleep for an hour or two every single day with maybe one day where I sleep for about 5 or 6. This scares me because I’m scared that one day I’m just going to drop dead of sleep deprivation. It also scares me because the one or two hours I feel fine. I get a little jittery at night time at work.. but one more cup of caffeine and I’m fine.I feel like this is ruining my life, I have developed a tad of depression and anxiety. I also feel like I constantly have a brick in the middle of my head.. and no matter how muchI try to get help.. They just offer me more melatonin and try to shrug it off. Dear goodness I know this isn’t normal.