Question: Sheets I wished I had

Most people have exciting dreams of flying airplanes and being famous. Myself, on the other hand have very… well boring dreams. An example, of a dream I had recently took place in a department store. If you have ever seen the movie Click it resembled the Bed, Bath, and Beyond in the film that had every item imaginable in it . As I walked through the huge store I kept seeing all of my teachers from high school , who were all pregnant for some strange reason, (even the men).However, I was not very stunned by this sight and continued to shop. As I looked up and down the aisles I spotted some sheets at the very top of an extremely high shelf. The sheets were covered with Garfield comics ,which was my favorite childhood cartoon character, so I grew very excited.
I decided to climb up the shelving to try to retrieve the sheets. I climbed higher and higher and then ,stupidly, I looked down to see all the pregnant teachers looking up at me. I realized that I was alarmingly high up in the air and begin to panic. Then I woke to find myself in my bed quite disappointed by my boring black sheets.
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