Question: I had a dream in which the benefits of both Hong Kong and Palo Alto were made available to me in one blended reality. As I got hungry while I worked in my Palo Alto room, I just had to walk outside to the kitchen and ask my maid in Hong Kong to make me a bowl of wonton noodles. The living room was pleasantly cool as I waited for food because of the blasting air-con but I suddenly realized that I was running late for a meeting. I hurriedlyy put on my shoes and rushed out of the apartment.
The elevator ride was very fast because it was my Hong Kong elevator but when I got outdoors, I was not greeted with the oppressive humidity that comes with tropical summers. Instead, I patiently waited for a red taxi in the fresh and dry Palo Alto air. When an empty taxi stopped, I quickly hopped on and recited my destination in Cantonese. I remember how much I enjoyed the nice green vegetation that I passed during the ride before I woke up.
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