Question: My 7 year old Step Daughter wakes up 1-3 times a night crying. This has been ongoing for at least the 3 years. She does not wake up screaming or panicking like night terrors or bad dreams. It’s more of a whimpering whining. Sometimes I feel like it is an attention thing.
She was recently diagnosed ADD which I strongly disagree with, and started on Ritalin but the sleep situation has not changed. She comes into our room or the living room if we are still awake with tears in her eyes, every once in a while she says she is scared but mostly she says she can’t sleep. The strange part is she was sleeping before that.I have been trying to get her not to get out of bed and just call for us, getting up and wandering around can’t be helpful. She usually does go right back to sleep after one of us walks in there, tucks her in again. Sometimes its only once, sometimes it can be 3 times in one night. Any suggestions? I worry that this has already been going on for years, would like to help her find a way to self soothe and go back to sleep on her own.