Question: I suffered last night from what I think is sleep terrors. I think given that I got home from work very late and did not get to bed until 01.30 this may have had a negative affect on my usual sleep patterns.
I have had this quite a few times before over the last few years and it always occurs the same way. I feel really tired (an exhaustive tiredness) and ready to drift off (and perhaps I am indeed already asleep but am dreaming I am awake!).As I start to drift off I feel a cold shivering sensation around my head, back and shoulders, as though some ominous presence or spirit is creeping over me and wants to do me harm. I try to jolt myself free of it by moving (but I cannot) and then crying out (but I cannot) and I am trapped in a kind of paralysis state whilst the feeling of dread locks me and the feeling of the presence grips me in that rigid state of paralysis which lasts a few seconds until I then wake up (or wake up in my dream?).This happens again and again as I try to drift off until eventually I suppose I must get to sleep. However, when the alarm goes off the next morning I am usually shattered and in need of more rest due to such a disturbed night’s sleep.