Question: Well here’s where it all started. I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, and when i was in the hospital I never got any sleep. And that’s when it all began. Night after night i would have so much trouble with falling asleep and waking up.
I was 13 when I was diagnosed and a normal bedtime for a 13 year old is sufficiently earlier then most adults. I would go to bed at 8:30 but would actually fall asleep around midnight. Being only 13 I still had to wake up early to go to school so my sleep debt would only get worse through the years to come.Every day was a struggle to fall asleep and wake up. My parents would get so angry at me for my sleeping habits. Last night was one of the many nights I didn’t get a drop of sleep. And I feel so sick.I also found out in another article that Bipolar disorder is associated with sleep deprivation. But every time I try to catch up on my sleep debt It wacks up my whole schedule. I really need help. Fast before I go even more insane.