Question: Last night I dreamed my family and I went on a ski trip to Vermont. My mom, dad, 21 year old brother and I were were the only family staying in an old, renovated ski lodge. I remember being the first one to wake up in the morning and being really excited about getting out onto the slopes early.
As I walked into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee, I noticed we had a visitor standing there next to the fridge, and as he turned around I had a weird feeling that I recognized from somewhere else, then it hit me, of course–it was lord Voldemort.At this point, to make things worse, I remember looking down and realizing damn, I’m not wearing clothes. My parents then walked in the room and acted as if our visitor was just some normal, nice looking man they had never seen before but were excited to meet. I remember being mad about how casual they acted about having walked into the kitchen to find their son fully naked drinking coffee with Voldemort, and was even more shocked when my parents then invited him to go skiing with us.I don’t know when I realized I was dreaming but I eventually did, maybe because I didn’t feel scared at all about Voldemort being in my kitchen, when in real life that would be a really scary event. The rest of the dream is a little blurry and kind of trails off, but the dream as a whole was pretty memorable.
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