Question: So I’m on holiday with my family and I’m sharing a room with my cousin. Last night I think I sleep walked and talked.
I remember my elbow hurting and waking up in my cousin’s bed confused saying ‘where the f*ck am I ?’My cousins response was ‘you’re in my bed’I asked her if she knew how and she said that she woke up to me calling her name then saying “I need to lie down before I die again. I can’t hurt my elbow again I need to lie down and sleep.” Then I lied down next to her.Then I remember waking up and being confused asking where I was. So we turned on the light and we tried to figure out how I ended up in her bed.Being moved as a prank was out of the question because my brother was still sleeping. So what we think happened is that I must of risen from my bed still sleeping dropped out of my bed with my covers wrapped around me (hurting my elbow), sat on my cousins bed said how I didn’t want to die or hurt my elbow and I needed to lie down, then went to sleep on my cousins bed!It was the weirdest thing ever! Before we went to sleep we talked about being possessed and as I was sleeping I remember thinking I heard a whisper, also we could hear plates being moved downstairs yet everyone but us were sleeping! I don’t think it has anything to do with me sleepwalking but it was weird. I also have a bruise on my elbow where I must of fell on it. We’re planning on filming me sleep tonight and see what happens.