Question: My 4 yr old has never been able to sleep through the night. When she was born I was told to keep her close to me to keep her warm but every time I put her down in the cot she’d wake then I would have to fall asleep with her on me.
Throughout the years it has been non stop. Up every night 3-4 times then refusing to sleep again without being close. She has slept with me through the years but only to settle her.When she was 3, she used to go to bed on her own perfectly fine but still get up and wander through to my bed. Regardless of how many times I put her back she’d still wake.Now being 4, she’s now refusing to go to bed on her own, I either have to sit and hold her hand or even lay beside her for her to sleep.I’m now pregnant and it’s puttin a lot more stress on me now than it ever has done. I’ve tried everything I can think of as a comfort to help but it isn’t working. What do I do??