Question: I remember this moment because it was wildly different from my previous episodes in that I had about five or six experiences every time I closed my eyes; it scared me so much I stayed up all night!
The first time, I was lying on my side with my eyes closed and I heard a faint rustling near the corner of my room and thinking it was my hamster I went to sit up and realised I was completely paralysed. I usually know when this is going to occur because I get a tingling sensation through my body, like a buzzing sound but within my muscles (if that makes any sense…), and I realised this at that point. I then closed my eyes and held my breath (I read that this is supposed to bring you out of the experience) and all of sudden the rustling came closer to my ears reallly fast. I felt that if I opened my eyes, I would look evil straight in the face – it felt like a demon had come to get me, or the devil, even though I don’t believe in the paranormal in the slightest.The second time that night, the rustling came back and I did the same. I shut my eyes and held my breath, hoping for it to end, and it did fairly quickly.The third time, I was lying on my back and I felt the tingling sensation through my body, indicating that I’ll have an episode but by that time it’s too late to move anything. I saw a man in the corner of my room and he was more like a shadow in that I
couldn’t see any features, just his silhouette. He started to walk towards me slowly and again I felt an evil presence from him and I just shut my eyes tight and tried to move any part of my body.The fourth time, I was pulled up from the bed by my chest and I vaguely remember trying to scream but no words came out.The final time, which made me not want to sleep at all, I decided to confront whatever it was that was ‘haunting’ me. I saw it was a little girl with black hair in a bob and her fringe covering her eyes, I could just see her smirk. She was beside my bed and, at first, I was simply lying on my back, and I think she was saying something but I can’t quite remember what she said. I swung my leg around to kick her but my leg slowed down and I jsut felt a pressure on my leg, as if I was just touching her back slightly. I then heard a female voice saying “what do we have here then”. I got up to face her properly but I lost control of my body and just fell to the ground and I tried to call for my mum but, again, no words came out. The girl stood over me and I tried to hold my breath but my mouth wouldn’t move and she just kept on saying “don’t do it”.That was probably the worst experience of my life. I have had similar experiences before and I might go see someone about them as they are recurring. I just don’t know what triggered them this time.