Question: It was about 10pm and I was biking around “Stanford campus” on some unrecognizable street. In reality, I have a road bike, but the bike I was riding was a cruiser, and one of my friends was seated on the handlebars as I pedaled. I thought we were headed towards a friend’s dorm, but we spotted a larger group of friends on our way so we stopped to go with them. Suddenly, it was a sunny afternoon and we were on a large grassy lawn that I don’t recognize, but still is apparently on “Stanford campus.” Despite the sudden change of time and destination, I was not surprised to learn that we were on the lawn to hear a description of the Math 51 class and register for it.
Apparently, axess is no longer in commission because in order to get into the class you have to be in a group of about 5-10 people, and be the first to run up to the stage to claim it. As we waited for the process to get started, I chatted with another girl in the group about this guy (also in the group) that we both found very attractive. She told me that he is suffering from bipolar disorder, which she found to be utterly repulsive. As I quietly pondered how I could make our future marriage work around this psychological condition, the registration process began. Suddenly, the group was telling me to run to the stage… and then I woke up.
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