Question: Okay so the first time I started losing sleep was actually a few months ago. I got really upset over a crazy test mark but I think the stress really changed me like crazy. It took 3 weeks of insomnia until I finally got better. The school I go to was nice enough to let me drop a few courses I did not need but then 2 months later, or now I should say, it has come back, the insomnia.
I am 17 years old and struggling so much to stay awake during a test and my finals are in a few weeks so that is just what I needed. I honestly don’t think I can keep it up for another three weeks. On top of that the medicine that made me go to sleep for hours was thrown away by my mom……thanks for that.This night I only slept for a rough hardly 30 minutes and I am following the suggestions on the net to cure this as well but I just hope it really would work much faster. Please let me know if some cures for insomnia work better then others and what are those cures I would really appreciate it, thank you.