Question: I always thought something was wrong with me, when I would go to sleep and all of a sudden I open my eyes and I hear noises and everything looks how it was when I slept. But I can’t move or talk so I try so hard to wake myself up. It happens usually when I’m really tired and I knock out fast. I think I’m the only one that hears a noise every time this happens. It’s really loud and it scares me. So that is why I’m scared to sleep.

Answer: Thanks for sharing this Ruby. Sleep paralysis and the noises and visions it often comes with can be very terrifying. Continuing to learn about it, about why your body experiences this, is our best defense against it. Continued understanding allows strategic action, and this can definitely help us out. One of the best sources I’ve found for learning about sleep paralysis and practical ways to combat it is this book.

Thanks for your question and good luck,