Question: Last week I got back from half term break, and i missed my parents and home very much. I only see them once a month at boarding school. The first two nights I got nine hours of sleep. Being able to sleep felt normal and not so miraculous.
The third night I woke up countless times, and at five i couldn’t sleep, so i whispered with a dormie.On Saturday night, (i got back on Wed) I couldn’t sleep at all. I tossed and turned, because I didn’t know what to do. I went to the loo at 4:30 in the morning, without sleeping yet. I didn’t sleep at all until 7:30 am, in which i had to wake up thirty minutes later. ARGH! I wrote this down, as a story, except hiding my identity. Me? I felt like SHIT all day. But it was alright, because i assumed that was only one night.NO…The next night, i didn’t sleep. I was half-awake until 2:39, where i was awake completely. Two hours later I went out of bed, for breakfast, because we were going across the boarder for a special war celebration, at five am.For the next week, i only slept about seven hours- total. I thought about how LUCKY the other girls were, that they could sleep. My tutor gave me advice, but it didn’t really work…So here I am, a lost female 11 year old, homesick, seeing my parents in AGES, and sleepless. I hope this isn’t insomnia, though, because at home i fall asleep INSTANTLY, whilst here at this boarding school I get like hardly any… I pray that I’ll sleep tonight… I feel so lonely and the night goes by so slow… Please help me 🙁 Thanks