Question: I’ve tried sleeping pills. I’ve tried herbal remedies. I’ve tried staying up for periods of time in order to get sleepy enough to outweigh the sleeping pattern. Honestly, I don’t even party. I’ve even tried forcing myself to stay awake and stay outside as much as possible in hopes that maybe the bright sunlight would keep me awake. I’ve tried all kinds of combinations of all of the above for a couple of years before finally saying, “You know what? This is just who I am. It’s not too bad, I suppose.”
It’s an inconvenience when you live in a place where half of the businesses are shut down by the time you’re awake, had your ‘breakfast’ and are out the door and most of the rest are about to shut down by the time you get to them. Sure, it would be nice if people didn’t associate the negetive stereotypes with you just because your sleeping pattern is weird (including calling you lazy) and yes it would be nice if your neighbors would be a little more considerate of said condition but I’ve honestly gotten used to it.The biggest thing for me right now is just trying to get a doctor to formally diagnose me so I at least have a sheet of paper saying, “Yes, this is a real condition. No, it isn’t this person being lazy.”My question is just how do you go about being diagnosed? Sleep studies are extremely rare where I come from so I really do just need to find out the right type of doctor I have to visit in order to be tested. Would anyone know?