Question: Normally when I have an episode of REM Sleeping disorder I’m absolutely petrified and trying to get away or lock out someone who’s trying to break in. Whatever I dream it feels as though it’s 100% real and in a dark room I can see them as clear as day.
My eyes are always open during the episodes. I’ve had ones as little as a scare of me thinking someone’s walking into a room to the extreme where I’ve ripped apart a hotel room flipping beds and tearing down a back board just to escape two men who’d come through the patio doors even though no one is actual there.I’ve been to a GP who believes it may have been caffeine that caused it but last night for the first time ever I attacked my fiancée inadvertently. In my dream someone had come in the room and was strangling her and wouldn’t let go!! I ended up biting her thinking it was him and causing marks all over her chest and arms trying to free her when really no one was there.She was so upset when I finally woke and when I realized what I’d done it sent the biggest shiver and fear down my spine that I could’ve done something to her. I’m normally trying to escape so bad that I never thought I’d hurt her but I’m really worried it’ll happen again. Any help or advice would be welcome. Thanks, Luke