Question: I have experienced sleep paralysis from time to time since I was 13 years old, most often when I do not get enough sleep or am extremely tired when I go to bed.. I experienced it last night which is what made me search and read up some more on it today. I just recently figured out what it even was.
I often will hear, see, or feel things during the episodes. I will try to scream and move but cannot. I have thought I heard people talking, like family members only to wake up and realize no one was really there.

The scariest sleep paralysis episode I ever experienced was about 3 years ago when I fell asleep in a recliner one afternoon. I opened my eyes and could see my daughter watching Spongebob and could hear the TV. I tried to move but couldn’t. I could look all around the room but could not move or speak.. Now that is scary. I was diagnosed with panic disorder about 4 years ago but do not have many problems with anxiety or panic anymore. I do take an antidepressant. As long as I do not get too tired before bed I normally do not have any sleep paralysis.Kevin’s ResponseHi Sara, thanks so much for sharing your experiences on the site. You’re so right in how frightening of an experience sleep paralysis can be, especially if you are not familiar with what it is and why it is happening. Did you see these stories yet from other people who can seriously relate to that fear? I’m glad you were able to find out more about sleep paralysis, and hope that that info will be helpful in calming your mind the next time you experience an episode.Warmly,Kevin