Question: This sleep paralysis phenomenon was happening to me frequently over the past few months and I was convinced it was my boyfriend’s place that had a ghost.
Every morning after he left for work I’d get an extra hour of sleep and upon wakening I would be taunted by what I now realize is a stress-induced chemical reaction in my brain. My mind would wake up but my body would not. I would get frustrated sometimes and terrified other times.One time I saw our laundry basket floating high up by the ceiling. I would try to tell whoever was doing this to stop and leave me alone. The most terrifying episode was one morning as my mind awoke, my body wouldn’t move but I heard a girl behind me talking to our dog “Nancy” that was sleeping next to me. She said “get up Nancy…. It’s time to get up.”I had a sense that she was evil and I tried to turn around, scream, hide, do anything–but I was stuck. I was looking at my dog and the dog was just staring back at me. I started panicking and then I felt the girl’s cold hand touch my head! All of a sudden I snapped out of it and yelled furiously and this “ghost”.After I googled my problem I felt silly and had to tell my boyfriend “ok, your place isn’t haunted, this entire 6 months I’ve been hallucinating” ugh.