Question: Or it would be if I didn’t have to get up for work at 6 am. After a day of this I’m whacked, never mind a whole working week. Get home from work, eat, chill out a while, feeling dozy – but wide awake again by 10 pm. Little point going to bed (my bedroom ceiling really isn’t all that interesting). If I close my eyes, my brain just makes it’s own synaesthetic entertainment to soak up its energy.
I have very few memories of early childhood – but I could describe to you in great detail the wallpaper in every bedroom I’ve ever had. I really cannot remember ever not being this way (40 now).Have discovered later in life that I have several relatives spanning 4 generations (and sadly my brother’s youngest boy) who were all the same.When I try to explain to my GP the problems that lack of sleep causes, I just get palmed off with SSRIs (they don’t work). I keep telling him ‘if you were this knackered you’d have every reason to have the blues too’.Sorry for the long post – gave some work colleagues a bit of an earful that they didn’t deserve today – needed to get this off my chest.’Mr. Tetchy’