Question: I’m back at home during Spring Break and just sitting at home watching some TV when I hear my mom scream out in the back yard. Apparently while she was cleaning the pool, a skunk had snuck up behind her and she was now paralyzed with fear as the creature stood just a few feet away. I ran out to see what was going on and noticed the skunk that was harrassing her had brought a friend who appeared at my feet as soon as I got out the door. Out of a total reflex I kicked the skunk in front of me and saw it fly at least ten feet. Seeing that this technique worked pretty well against the first adversary I opted for a similar technique as I ran to where my mom was still standing. I once again punted the skunk to a safe distant away and looked at my mom with accomplishment.
I then see another look of terror cross her face and realize that my kick to both of the critters did not deter them from whatever brought them into our yard in the first place. They came back for more apparently and I was again forced to kick them as far away as I could. I did this two more times each, all the while trying to balance between the skunks and the edge of my pool. After finally watching the skunks scurry away out of sight I turn to head back to the house and my mom began once again to clean the pool. While walking away I was hit in the back by the pool net as my mom swung it around to avoid a wasp hovering in the air. I was just off balance enough to slowly tip over into the pool. At the instant I hit the water in my dream, my water bottle fell from the top of my closet and onto me head splashing me with cool water. Somehow I had times the event of water in my dream perfectly with the water hitting me in reality.
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