Question: At the age of five or six, I experienced a lucid dream for the first time, after I experienced something mentally scarring. During this time, I felt like I had ‘woken up’, but in a dream. Echoing throughout the world I could see my body and my entire home made of crystal and glass, and the world as an aching blue print made of the most beautiful material I had ever seen.
As it zoomed in and out all over the world, I felt moved, and the world seemed to dissolve into a million fractures, and fall into a world below, a world that left me straining to run. Instead of sprinting or panicking, I seemed to ‘teleport’ with all those I knew around city after city, only they held the most amazing building and gadgets, even people with exceptional skills. Meanwhile I could sense the outside world somewhat suffocating me from the darkness. Finally I felt the pain of ‘death’ and the world ended in the darkness of what I believed to be the underworld, where I likewise felt all the tortures of the world. My first lucid dream, one I still know to be the most detailed I’ve ever had.