Question: I had fallen back into a nap in a supine position (on my back) after a presumably normal night’s sleep. It is true however, that I had been perturbed as of late and my mind was probably brooding over something.
Anyways, I partially awoke at the sound of something in the hallway of the motel and my eyes opened and my hearing was functioning. I could hear sounds of the interstate nearby and I was staring at the room and then heard the voice of my ex-girlfriend calling my name (but I knew that she couldn’t possibly be in the room and didn’t even live nearby).I never saw anything but just the sound of her voice terrified me and I thought somehow a ghostly visitor was mimicking her voice. I struggled to gain control of my limbs so I could FULLY wake up, and finally the REM atonia (awake sleep paralysis) turned off.It was very scary and I was very shaken up even though weirdly nothing really terrifying occurred and I never SAW anything out of the ordinary. The voice and the paralysis were terrifying in and of themselves.