Question: I have been having jaw problems for years now. It all started with a dentist who put in a filling but did not file it down properly, and suddenly I started grinding my teeth.
Now my jaw is pretty fragile and it does not take much to get it to a point where it is really sore and almost unusable.I stopped going to the original hack dentist who couldn’t even do a filling correctly to an amazingly professional dentist who has been practicing since the sixties. I went to him a couple of times but once I had been really stressed and when he was checking out my throat and jaw he asked me if i experienced migraines. I told him that I did and that they would get pretty bad, to the point that I could not function and would just lay in a dark room hoping the pain would end soon.He smiled and said I think that I can fix that for you. I was a little confused but was very willing to try his suggestion. He made molds of my teeth and made me a night guard. My night guard is one of my prized possessions now as the jaw pain and migraines went away almost instantly.My dentist was sent from heaven to help get rid of so much pain. I still thank him for it to this day.