Question: Those of us with iPhones know what a help the autocorrect function can be for emails and texts; at the same time, we’ve also all certainly had strange run-ins with autocorrect, where it mangles the word or suggests something totally random.
I had my phone suggest some truly strange things to me last week, and my annoyance with (or fear of?) that happening often manifested itself in a dream I had last Tuesday. While I was trying to send some no-doubt-hugely-important text in the dream, my phone’s keyboard suddenly totally changed, leaving me with duplicates of just a few letters all over the board (so three “e” keys and no “k” or “y”, for example).Try as I might to type away or restart the phone, I couldn’t access some of the letters that I needed, so I ended up having to get as close as I could and use whatever autocorrect suggested. Of those, these suggestions were totally off the message I was trying to communicate, but I couldn’t leave my friend hanging by not responding at all!I think I woke up shortly after finally deciding to send the text when my phone alarm went off (maybe the dream came from me dreading my phone in general!).
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