Question: I could go to sleep with no trouble since I always read at bedtime, but would awaken between 2-4 times a night, and had trouble getting back to sleep.
For about ten years I rarely got 4 hours of sleep, which led to weight gain, fatigue, frustration. Then I found that by listening to an audiobook so low I could/can barely hear it, I will go back to sleep easily. The audiobook stops the busy brain-thinking that prevents my getting back to sleep.I use a single earbud with an ipod, and have found a couple voices that especially work well. I tend to use the same book (read by a British actor Maryin Jarvis) almost everynight. A story that grabs my attention, like a mystery, is apt to engage the brain, so I stick with a couple familiar stories that I like (and know by heart now), & which allow me to quickly go back to sleep.It is still rare for me to sleep more than 4 hours uninterrupted, but get about six total. I hated sleeping pills that left me feeling sluggish on waking, and tired during the day.Hope my trick helps someone else.