Question: Sleep paralysis has been something I’ve dealt with for years but until recently it hasn’t been a huge problem nor did I know what it really was until I started looking it up on the internet because my mom was concerned about me.
I was watching TV when I started to get sleepy so I gave in and took a nap. The next thing I knew I was experiencing sleep paralysis again. I started to breathe heavily like I normally do when it happens to try and wake myself up.It worked but I was so sleepy I fell right back asleep and experienced it while going to sleep. I don’t think I was asleep for more than a few minutes when I experienced it again while waking up. This happened several times in a row when finally I was able to wake up fully.I was so freaked out and felt like I’d never be able to escape the paralysis. The only way I have learned to deal with it is I don’t take naps. I can’t or this happens every single time and a nap isn’t worth the paralysis.