Question: I should mention as relevant back story that, at the time of this dream, my boyfriend and I were in the process of an amicable “going-to-college” break up. There were no hard feelings, it had been a long and wonderful relationship, and I feel like this dream somehow summed up the situation and sentiment.
Though I never look in a mirror, it is clear that I am not in my own body – I look distinctly like famed clothing designer Donna Karan – bleached platinum blond hair in a messy ponytail, eyes covered in smeared black make up, a funky but polished powder pink business suit and lines on my face evident of the 15 or so years older that I apparently am in this dream. It is twilight and I’m in the park near my house, which now has incredibly tall trees. I’m some sort of authority figure, as I begin directing the suddenly-appeared men around me to cut down the trees around us and build a wooden path to the other side of the park, which now extends to the opposite side of the planet. I’m proud of myself – a visionary entrepreneur, building bridges and whatnot. As the trees are cut down, it begins to rain fairly hard. I remember not being bothered by this at all.Suddenly, from the direction which we’re building the bridge, comes a horde of men.
They are from the past as they are riding horses, carrying swords and wearing Mongol Hun-type armor. They seem displeased with me and my path, and I am alarmed. Yet in a fuzzy sequence which I can’t remember too well, I somehow use my awesome authoritative skills to fix the situation, and they leave.After the path is finished I remember suddenly being in a bar that was somehow in the style of both the 1910s and the future, with shiny copper walls, rustic wood furniture, warm lighting and cool physics-y marble and glass toys and sculptures around and hanging from the ceiling. It was a happening place, and I remember vaguely thinking I was responsible for this establishment. It is at the end of the path, and I am celebrating with strangers. There was an address posted on the wall with a post-it, and though I’ve forgotten it now I could for a few days after this dream remember the exact numbers of this dream address.I leave the copper bar and am suddenly in my own body and standing at the brink of my childhood park again, except where there is in reality a parking lot and soccer fields there was now only beautiful green grass. I am with my parents, waving happily and peacefully at a setting sun, and I smile warmly with them while looking into the distance. I am content.