Question: My son who is 4 has never been an excellent sleeper, for the first 2 years of his life he only cat napped day and night. He was our first so we thought it was normal.
We set up some rewards systems to encourage him to stay in his own bed, which seems to work but only for a few days. He takes ages to go to sleep and is normally up at 5 am and hyperactive after. The rest of the day his behaviour is uncontrollable: poor concentration, constant attention seeking, noncompliant , hyperactive, etc. I work in the field of children with behavioural difficulties, so I have been supported by colleagues to adopt different behavioral strategies. After reading your page I have realised that his behaviour can be all to do with the fact that he does not sleep well/ enough. I forgot to mention he is also hypersensitive! What would you advise? I would like to get help as he is due to start school in a few weeks and I feel this is going to impact on his academic achievements. Thanks very much. Teresa