Question: Hi my 2 year old breastfed until the day he turned 2, he has recently started this weird hyper activeness almost to a jittery if you will behavior at night and is all over the place, running around playing and never goes to sleep until after midnight.
He complains by patting his chest and belly, I get concerned that it may all be heart related and I am worried. He also just started sleeping through the night. He is a healthy 33 pound 2 year old but again this behavior is odd.He doesnt get juice, caffeine, barely any treats and I can’t understand it. I am exhausted and all I can attribute it to is that I am asthmatic and have taken albuterol and flovent for years, the flovent only started after birth of him but albuterol for life. I did have severe tachycardia during the last months of pregnancy but again I am worried!