Question: Since he was little he has had problems falling asleep. He is very bright and reads for hours. We use to let him read before bedtime hoping it would make him sleepy but he would only end up staying up till late late and getting little sleep. So we have taken read time before bed time away.
He just lays there and tosses and turns gets up and down ….he just can’t fall asleep. Even when we lay with him for hours he’ll act like he is going to sleep then when we leave we hear him up. He wants to sleep he just can’t.He does eventually fall asleep but way too late and wakes unrested and tired. He still performs well in school and really doesn’t have behavior issues. Our biggest frustration is that he has to be told many many times to do something and can’t seem to focus. He always is the last to get dressed, make it to the car, make it to dinner and causesour family to be constantly upset and waiting on him. It seems to be linked to his rest and lack of sleep. Help!