Question: I’ve had a few instances of lucid dreams, such as realizing im dreaming, then instantly waking up, then being lucid for a few seconds, then falling back into the dream state.
One time, when i was really lucid, i was in my room, and everything was gone except for my bed, and my brother was on it, with my dad next to it. i told them i was dreaming, and they didn’t believe me, so i tried to fly to prove it. what happened was i floated up, hit the ceiling, then fell back down very slowly. they both said whoa, and i was suddenly in my brothers room, and he still had all of his stuff. lucky son of a… A zombie apocalypse was going on at the same time, and we fought off zombies, and i tried to make a gun, but to no avail. then i was suddenly in a shelter, and was going to be put in a slanted room no-one would be able to stand in, so i denied going in there, then my mom woke me up. that was the longest i’ve ever had.