Question: I just recently started this whole sleep paralysis thing about 9 months ago. I started when I was 17 and now i am 18. Honestly it is to the point where I am so scared to go to bed.
It all started off where I couldn’t move or scream or anything and I could see my room, but now it’s at the point where I am raped by a man with no face in my sleep and haunted by a woman without a face in my sleep.When I go through the dream with the man I can feel and hear him breathing on me, and I can only see his hands, nothing else, i am too scared to look at his face. I can feel the rape and the pain, and I can’t breathe. I scream for help but no one can hear me…When i get the dreams with the woman, I can see her hands and thats about it, i am also to scared to look at her face. She grabs both my arms and presses me against the bed and laughs. All i can hear is her laughing and hear her breathing, again I am left screaming and can’t move. It is the most horrible feeling ever and i am really scared :(It started off where I would get these dreams randomly, now I get them all the time and they are getting more violent, aggressive and scary. I just want to go to bed and not panic if im going to be “raped” or be held down by that lady. I hate having this whole sleeping paralysis thing, I just want my life back and my sleep back and i want it to go away and be able to sleep normal again.