Question: (I’ve decided that I suck at reading, since I didn’t realized that S&D was for students, which I am not…=D yay. I should probably go to bed, but I wanted to share this first.)
Not a whole lot to this dream. The end was the remarkable part. Many of my lucid dreams happen because I have sleep paralysis, this one is no exception.So in this dream I was trapped in a room with a disfigured girl. We were friends when we were children, I had forgotten that we split on bad terms as kids, and it was strange for me to try to visit her. She had burn scars on the right side of her head, so no hair grew there. What hair she had was dyed a deep, vibrant blue. Her skin was white as chalk, her lips were painted blue to match her hair.There was a puckered scar reaching from the right corner of her mouth, up through the place where her left eye used to be. That also was just a mass of scar tissue.She was pissed off because she thought that I had ruined her life somehow, just by existing. It was my fault that she was horrendously scarred and that she was now a prostitute…(I don’t know, my mind is weird.)She was trying to lure some guy into her apartment through a chat room. She also thought that I was going to steal her clients…and wouldn’t listen to
me when I said that I had no interest in having sex with strangers. That offended her enough that she wanted to kill me.At that point she became enraged and tackled me.She wrapped her freaky white hands around my neck and began to choke me. I tried to fight her. I somehow got my fingers underneath hers and pried her hands away. I kicked her off of me and forced myself awake. Sleep paralysis for me is like a weight on my body, it’s no longer impossible to move. If I try hard enough I can jerk my head or move my hands to try to jar myself out of it. this time, I turned my head and fell back asleep, just to have her grappling with me again.She kept trying to choke me. I pushed her off and tried to wake up.I fell back asleep to her choking me. My arms were pinned to my sides, she was straddling me, apparently that position is great for suffocating someone. I freed my throat from her, and wiggled just enough to get my hands out.”Fine.” I thought, inspiration hit me, I knew what to do. She struggled to regain control and I fought to remain beyond it. I lifted my hands and clapped once sharply.The sound of it woke me enough that I didn’t fall back into the repeater.I’ve never done anything like that before. =D I thought it was cool.
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