Question: SO last nihgt ive been having this wierd dream for almost a month now . I dream bout this tall handsome guy buh i can’t see his face at all. He gives me everything i want anything ” i want im super rich i have a power. Buh then hegoes in this dark room and sits here in silence . Then again hes giving love to me he tells me never let me go i love you . i say i wont let you go.
Then i see Red Blue lights very bright and then another dream that im running away all these bunch of guys chasing me im screaming cry yelling buh its hopeless . then i get locked in this cage next thing he appears with a red rose tellz me why did you let go ” now you pay for it. and im getting raped every 2 seconds buh i feel very weak then after that i see hi come get me and tell me he loves me then i see white bright light ” and then i see this other guy with back everything evrything he has long blue hair and he says there is never mercy then next thing im in a seat next to my parents and friends there naked i cant move nothing then i wake up ” whats up with that?
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