Question: Apparently I sleep talk, not a lot but enough for my husband to notice. We didn’t even know that I was doing it for a long time. My husband would come to bed later than me and he would see me “wake up” and he would start telling me stuff, you know about things that he had done or that he wanted to ask me about. I would talk back, I would actually tell him stuff too. I didn’t understand why he would get mad at me the next morning when he would wake up and either finish the conversation or later on say we already talked about this.
We figured out what was happening when he would look me in the eyes and see I didn’t have a bit of reaction to them, it was like I wasn’t even aware he was there. He even kinda pokes fun at it saying that he could tell me the most horrible stuff and I won’t even remember it the next day.Recently, he came to bed and I woke up and my sleep talking self didn’t even recognize him for a second or two. He asked me if I wanted the a/c turned on because it was a bit warm in our room, I said “Yes, Please” and then looked like I went back to sleep afterwards.I am a little worried about it because I never did this before and I am not comfortable feeling like I am out of control of myself. But I guess this is something I just have to live with, and so does my wonderful, putting up with my sorry tail, husband.