Question: So the first time it started it was frightening because i didn’t know what was going on … Why couldn’t I move? Why can’t I speak? Why can’t I scream ???! HELP?!
All I could do is breathe, blink, think and panic! Nothing bad happened … I just couldn’t move. It happened once or twice again after that but on desperate occasions. The other morning though, it happened like 5 times in a row because each time I failed to wake up. It was as if I was fighting against something that was trying to pull me back into wherever I was in my sleep… Whatever it was didn’t want me to wake up. It succeeded each time until the last 2 times where the first time I woke up in sleep paralysis mode and someone came downstairs sat on the settee behind me… As I tried to scream “wake me up! Wake me up! Wake me the f*ck up” what I assume to be my brother just laughed and laughed… I failed to wake up… Back to sleep I go! I woke up again.. This time I succeeded but with a little more of a fright … I was hugging something that was breathing ridiculously fast and heavily … I was laid on my belly … and something / someone was sat on my back… I eventually woke up though … I can’t imagine what will happen next time /: