Question: Okay, I know these will be extremely awful because I wrote them when I was terrified out of my skull.
Firstly, these are extremely strange. Secondly, I always felt like something is choking me/sitting on my chest. It’s really freaking …ugh. The second dream happened a few moments ago. Like, when I was in bed n’ all. I can remember for a minute seeing something black on my chest but then sucked back into the horror world. It seems like all of these have something to do with “little fears” I have in real life. Not like monsters or anything, but real fears. Yeah. They always seem to start out quite nice and comforting, but then turn vicious. Here is the first dream:Paralyzed dreams. Okay, I was having a totally lovely dream and then I woke up. Then I closed my eyes and I dreamt about being on this boat, which scares me because I am afraid of the ocean. I woke up. Then, I closed my eyes AGAIN and then, I saw the ocean and I was going down toward it, then all these black and white spirals where going past me with large black spots. It was terrifying, I couldn’t move. My whole body was hot, and tingly (a very painful, bad tingly) and I tried calling out to my mom, but my lips wouldn’t move. I thought she could help me or hear me if I screamed, but it sounded like “Mfdfummfdk”. I was going in and out of awareness. I couldn’t open my eyes.I tried my best and finally, I forced myself to wake up. I told my mom once she came down and she hugged me and told me, “I’ve experienced paralyzed dreams, too. It’s okay.” Even my cat knew something was wrong. She
like, bumped her head on my hand and kept meowing.Second dream:I had another one of those scary as dreams where you can’t wake up or move. This time, I was so close to waking up. My eyes were opening, but then forced shut. OKAY SO I was dreaming a strange dream. It was halfway a good dream, though. All I remember was I kept switching from my computer to the Golden Gate Bridge.So.What first really scared me in my dream was like, when I was on the computer.So Kimi called me on skype and said something which I can’t remember, but something was super wrong but Idk what it wasShe wasn’t crying or anythingThen I switched back to the golden gate bridge where..umI was doing weird thingsIt was like the golden gate bridge but..different. No cars, no road. All bronzeness.I was naked with a cape. LOL. I know. Weird.And I kept trying to hold something down but wind kept pushing me offI had fell off the bridge once, then it happened again.And I slipped off.In the dream, I could hear a voice narrating. The one in the L.A. Noire gameplayAnd all I remember it saying was “if you like travelling then—–“And yep. I fell off the bridge.I watched myself drop. THENEverything got gray, and tingly. And I could kinda breathe but it was hard. And then…oh my god.I remember sounding like a lamb. My voice was hoarse and I couldn’t screamBut I screamed so whisperedly”Maa, Maa, Maaa”. I couldn’t get my mom.Then I finally got the strength to wake up.It was horrid. My heart was pounding.If you can help me and interpret or something please tell me <3Thanks.