Question: I was at the train station with my bestfriend, her boyfriend, my boyfriend and his ex girlfriend. We were sitting down on the bench waiting for the train. I was sitting in the middle of my boyfriend and my bestfriend, her boyfriend was on the other side and my boyfriends ex was on his other side.
Him and his ex kept flirting infront of me and he totally ignored me. My bestfriend was giving me eye contact asking me why my boyfriend and his ex were both flirting, and i had no idea why. It was awkward for me, my bestfriend and her boyfriend. All three of us were both confused why my boyfriend and his ex were both flirting..I felt like an idiot. They would just touch eachother, and he even let her sit on his lap..It had went on for 10 minutes, then my bestfriend and her boyfriend disappeared. My boyfriend and his ex started kissing eachother on the cheek and giggling and being so flirty. It was like i didn’t exist in his world anymore.. Then i started talking to him and flirting with him and he done the same back, his ex were giving me the evils and didn’t talk. I kept flirting with my boyfriend and he paid attention to me. It changed to the centre near mines, and we were holding hands and flirting, and his ex was telling him that she was gonna go meet her bestfriend and she went off quiet and all upset, and she didn’t come back..then my dream ended. Can anyone tell me what this means? Does it mean he flirts with his ex behind my back? Or is he cheating on me without me even knowing?
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