Question: I have been suspecting I had a circadian sleep disorder for about 4 yrs, and had an
official diagnosis about a month ago. Been trying to shift a sleep period from 6a-3p to12a-8a. Now the journey to get there is a constant struggle having not made it yet. Treatment 1: chronotherapthy progression in 2 hr increments worked at maintaining wake up 9a for a few days. However, i tend to slowly progress back to the original sleep pattern even with tools such as trazodone and ambien with little success. currently at a 3a-11a sleep period. Took an 10mg ambien at 12a and here i am typing, awake, and thinking of food (it’s 1:40a). I’m tired of not being tired, but i am relaxed. Any typos i blame on being awake on ambien.Would like to hear about other peoples’ experiences and ways to shift circadian rhythm to a socially acceptable time.