Question: I was unaware of the outcomes to REM Behavior Disorder. All my life I have experienced vivid and intense dreams. But last night was the last straw. Lately I have been stressing more than usual to the point where I noticed my teeth clenching, especially at night.
Last night my son went to sleep with us due to the very cold weather and he usually slumps his arms over us (since he was a baby) as if a reaction of safety to feel if we’re still there. In the midst of my crazy dream I remember being half asleep and all of a sudden biting my son’s arm. I remember thinking, “Oh my God, did I just do that?! Did I just bite my son?! I can’t believe I did that!”I fell asleep feeling sad and awoke to forget that it occurred until my son took off his sweater and I noticed the full teeth marks in his soft skin. I’m so devastated beyond words, I feel like it should have been me. I should have bit myself, my tongue, my cheek, whatever!Anything that could’ve prevented it from happening to him. I’ve slept with my son since he was born, its hard to give him up to his own bed when you’re used to your child’s presence which helped me sleep. How can I ever trust myself again? My son didn’t deserve this and my body’s showing me how much of a bad mother I am, even if it was an awful, terrible, accident.