Question: It was in a large theater and I think I was with all of my teammates including my coaches. Sitting on both sides of me were Dan and Galen and we were watching a play composed by Aristotle. The three of us thought this play was hilarious. The main character talked in a weird accent and made extremely feminine gestures. We were able to contain our laughing only until 7 purple midgets sprinted out from behind the gian maroon curtain. The midgets frantically ran around the stage and eventually made their way into the front rows of the audience. We burst out in laughter and our coach, a few rows in front of us, stood up and glared at us. He was pissed and shouted, “If you guys don’t knock it off, we’re all doing sprints!” That shut us up immediately and we were able to keep a straight face for a little bit. But we lost our composure once again when the purple midgets, still making their ways up the rows of the audience, began bopping people on the top of their heads and jumping on their shoulders. Although the act was completely ridiculous, the three of us were the only ones laughing. Furious once again, our coach stood up and said, “That’s it, we’re going downstairs to do sprints.”
The next thing I remember is that we were excessively sprinting in the narrow openings below the bleachers.
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