Question: I was biking down a street, when I see some of my friends somewhere to my right. I turn right on a different street, but that one was really steep, and was heading straight into the ocean. It was as steep as the steepest streets in San Francisco. So I tried to break, but instead of stopping, I somehow jumped on a bar that was like a sidewalk bar for old people. I skid down that bar way downhill until I fell. I lost my bike, and I was on the beach. However, I was at the North Pole! Or at least I knew in my mind that I was at the North Pole. And my feet war touching the very cold water, but the water didn’t seem cold. I was bare feet, even though I had just biked. And far in the ocean, there was an island. And on that island, I could see 4 witches around a cauldron. And I instantly knew that they were the 4 seasons. They controlled the weather of the entire Earth. And they were at the North Pole, where it was so cold that no one could find them, or even know about them. I felt very enlightened after that dream.

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