Question: The first thing I remember in my dream I am a little boy in the back seet of an old jeep. the first thing that i notice is that my seatbelt is unbuckled, and this makes me very worried, yet my dad doesnt tell me to put it on, so i dont. I then notice my friend is in the back of the car with me and his dad is in the passenger seat of the car. We are stuck in traffic going up a long winding road.
As i look ahead i notice that as the road winds up the mountain the amount of space between the edge of the road and the edge of the cliff become smaller and smaller untill eventually at the very top of the mountain the width of the road is all that is left as it comes to an abrupt spot overlooking the cliff. annoyed that we are stuck in traffic, my friend and I jump ot of the car and run up to the top of the mountain. On the way up I noticed that all the cars were honking at us and people were yelling at us to go back, but of course we didnt. When we got to the top there is a man who says “your lucky these are the last two parachutes.” (so i imagine that everone was racing to get these parachutes) but anyways, we put them on and jump of this cliff (ditching our dads). i remember opening my parachute and the feeling of hitting water as i landed in Lake Washington. I take the parachute off in the water and it turns out we are in the front yard of my fiends house. however, his front yard is flooded and all i can see is his jungle gym above the surface. Then I see my friends mom wading out to us in her bathing suit, the next thing i know i am on the swing and she is pushing me….then i woke up.
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