Question: I was hanging out in my house with a friend from back home when all of a sudden I noticed my dad was standing right next to me. I was surprised because I hadn’t noticed him before. When I looked closer, I realized that he was actually a short, fat stranger with a ring of black hair around his balding head. I freaked out, and all of a sudden he noticed us. It turned out he was trying to burglarize my house (Does this make him a hot prowler?), but he wouldn’t let us escape because we could identify him for the police. I told him to calm down, he could just lock us in my room until he was done stealing things. When we walked downstairs, he realized that we could escape out a window. I hadn’t thought of it until then, but I realized it was actually a good idea. For some reason, he decided to walk us out the front door to the driveway. At this point, he mentioned that his wife’s name was Jenny Swim. We tried to run for it, but he pulled out a clear gun and knife. I yelled out that they were fake toys since they were made out of clear plastic, but he fired out a warning shot over my head and I stopped trying to run away.
I know it sounds like a bad dream, but it wasn’t scary. The burglar looked really harmless and was mostly just amusing.
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