Question: This is the most vivid dream I recall and wrote completely. I was at a friend’s birthday party. However, this party was taking place in another school that I had visited a few times for competitions. I do recall the name of the friend whose birthday it was, but for privacy reasons, I shall not state it. Few of my favorite teachers were also there such as my math lab instructor and HOD, computer science.
There was a race and for some reason a few friends of mine went in the wrong direction. I thought I had won the race but it turned out I had to cross the finish line holding a sponge. I had to go back and I saw this white stall in the middle of a very green field with sponges. The stall owned refused to give me a sponge and I had to deposit my scarf (which is weird since I never wear scarves) to get the sponge. Knowing that I wasn’t about to win, I decided to just throw my sponge over the finish line, but someone saw me and I had to confess and I lost. I started walking towards the restroom. It was a huge restroom- not like the dirty restrooms that are present in schools- more like a hotel restroom. I was staring at myself in the mirror and I noticed something disgusting on my sweater and I started feeling really bad because everybody in the party must have seen my dirty sweater. While I was emptying my bladder, a girl entered the restroom. She looked 7 years or so with very tiny with unbelievably scary eyes and wrinkled face. I still shiver picturing her in my head. She came close to me and asked me “Where is the restroom?” I told her that she was in the restroom and she smiled and said “Ok” in the creepiest falsetto possible. I remembered that she was a girl and shouldn’t be in the men’s restroom and I ran out. However, I wasn’t in the field anymore, I was in my own school building- I clearly remember the color of the walls and am certain I was in my own school. I scream for help and people come near me and I tell them what happens but nobody believed me. I see her running and I try to follow her. Suddenly, she has disappeared and there’s this wide gap between where I’m standing and the place ahead of me.
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