Question: I was going to LA with my mom, step dad, and grandmother, except “LA” meant a cabin in the snow. First my mom and I got in a fight over which room was mine, but that was quickly resolved. Once in my room however, I turned into Piper from Charmed and realized that the fine mist in the room meant that there was a demon that I had to fight off. I rolled under the bed, only to realize that the demon was my arch-nemesis, a fanged rubber ducky. My friend and I fought it off by pulling out its fangs, but when I went on Facebook to post my success as my status, I noticed that my boyfriend’s Facebook said he was in a relationship with a 6th grader. Confused, I called him, only to find out that they had run away to Mexico together. While I was yelling at him, the duck reappeared, still without fangs, and I woke up.