Question: After spending early saturday morning watching the remastered version of The Exorcist, I decided to head to bed before the clock hit 3:00 am (just to avoid any unwanted scares)
As I entered my dream, I was stuck in a room with a small dog, larger than a chihuahua but still probably weighing 9-10 pounds, guarding the door. This was no ordinary dog. It had the freakish eyes and mangled face of Linda Blair’s character in the movie. I edged closer and when I got to within 5 feet of the door, the dog started talking to me with that deep, raspy, devilish voice. I was stunned and unaware what to do. There were no windows, no other way out other than the door. I began talking to the dog/devil, trying to convince it to just let me go but it was to no avail. Then out of nowhere, I found myself at a dinner table with a group of people I found familiar but could not name them other than one person from my dorm and my parents. Beside me was this elderly woman who quietly sat there.The meal went on and we were served bowtie pasta with pesto sauce and a chicken breast I believe. I wanted to be polite and strike a conversation with the woman next to me but as soon as i said “excuse me”, she turned her head a complete 90 degrees without moving her body closer to me and her face resembled Linda Blair’s face in the movie.I was so startled that I feel off my chair, which served as a kick to wake me up.
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