Question: Hi All,
I’ve had these strange experiences for years but I really thought that they were either stress related or it was just something supernatural to which I couldn’t explain logically and therefore didn’t share with anyone.Recently it has been happening really often, I would say at least once a week sometimes more. I usually have one of two experiences. One of these is, I first start sensing that there’s something in my room, a presence. I then get ravaged with pins and needles all through my body and then I feel completely paralyzed. I feel like someone or something is holding me down. I can’t move. I am sleeping but I feel like I’m completely awake. I know what’s happening. It lasts for about maybe 5-10 seconds and when it’s over I open my eyes, calm myself down and go back to sleep. The other experience I have doesn’t start with the pins and needles but it does begin with this powerful feeling that there’s a presence. I get angry and start to yell at “it” and I feel like it’s grabbing me and trying to hold me down. I can even seriously feel “its” head or the hair I’m pulling from “it” and hear “it” scream or say ouch. This too lasts a few seconds and I know when it leaves the room and it’s over. Sometimes these experiences are so intense that I could swear I’m being molested by the “dark side” It’s really scary and I can’t control it no matter what I do. I also find it happens when I’m either already in a very deep sleep or about to enter into one.

Answer: Wow Stacey, thanks for sharing this. Powerful stuff. If you’re interested in some additionally powerful insights into how you may in fact be able to exercise some control over these experiences, check out Ryan Hurd’s book Sleep Paralysis: A Dreamer’s Guide. I read it a couple months ago and can tell you it is empowering stuff. Plus, the evil presences, needles and pins, the pressure holding you down, it’s all there too, written about by someone who’s felt it all too for a couple decades.Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for your question and good luck,