Question: I am a 67 year old female with RBD. Am in excellent health other than this ‘affliction’. Have had it for many years and just recently flew out of bed, hit a table and ended up in emerg with stitches. It is getting worse as time passes.
I am on Paxil and this has great exacerbated my RBD. But, what is worse, depression or RBD???? For me, depression is. I have tried many other anti-depressants but due to side effects etc. I have had to remain on Paxil. Am going to see a top neurologist who specializes in sleep disorders. Do so hope he can help me. Have to wait 6 months to see him.I can’t take clonzepam–side effects were unbearable. But, am now on melatonin and gabapentin–that somewhat helps. Now I tie myself securely in bed . I also have put pillows and padding on furniture I cannot not move. I do not eat anything spicy or too sweet after 6 and no alcohol. (yeah, that was hard)