Question: I was in the super market with my mum and i had roller blades on. I was rollerblading and fell on a isle and one of the workers said
“Can you not do that please! We get badley told off for that!” So I went somewhere eles in the shop and saaw a girl i always say hi to on my way home from school.Then I went to find some chocolate I saw earlier and at this point I was no longer whereing the rollerblades. Then instead of finding chocolate I found my mum and she said to me “Hey look I found this hamock and you can use it to hang your laundery from and other things too!”Then this lady, who kinda looked familuar came up and tried to take my trolly. I knew thid lady was going to do this so as my mum shouted at her telling her to let go I grabbed hold of her arm trying to get her off. When I was pulling her off she bit me across my nuckles. This is the point when I woke up and I was really freaked! I know it proberbly doesn’t sound scary but its kinda freaked me out.Please tell me what this means….?
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